JUP50 40W 5-Port USB Super Charger

JUP50 40W 5-Port USB Super Charger JUP50 40W 5-Port USB Super Charger JUP50 40W 5-Port USB Super Charger JUP50 40W 5-Port USB Super Charger



The j5create’s 40W 5-Port USB Super Charger JUP50 is equipped with Intelligent Identify technology, which is a fancy way of saying that it adjusts the power to each port, based on demand. Each USB port, therefore, is capable of delivering up to 2.4A of power, which is enough to charge a tablet, such as the iPad Air, quickly, or a less demanding device, such as a phone. Of course, each port will only deliver the required power.
Given the relative lack of high-power devices and the likelihood of having them all plugged in at once, the j5create 40W 5-Port USB Super Charger is a flexible, powerful and well-priced charger.


* Chargers intelligently identify each connected device and supply reliable power.
* 5-Port 40 watts/8 amps Super USB Charger allows for faster charging of 5 devices
* 2.4A super charging ports maximize compatibility with Android, Apple and other devices.
* Compact for on-the-go

This well designed 40w 8A high capacity charger comes with over-current protection, over-voltage protection,over- temperature protection, short protection. It uses anti-fire material to ensure 100% safe for family members.




5 ports


AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.1A


DC 40W /5V 8A

Charging Port Output 5V / 2.4A (max)

Physical Specifications


Main body: 90.3(W)x58(H)x26.5(D)mm
Cable length:5/150 inch / cm


Approximately153 g

Package Contents

* j5create 40W 5-Port USB Super Charger JUP50
* 5ft / 150cm detachable US/EU/UK power cord



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